I hope she didn't burn herself.

This page...took..forever. But, a lot of unexpected things came up that demanded my attention.

So, in less than two weeks I'll be moving to the Netherlands from the US. I've still got quite a lot to do in order to finish my preparations. I'm also helping my best friend with her wedding that will be on Halloween. So much to do and not much time left. So, as it is, this will be the last page till I'm settled in Europe, which hopefully won't be too long.

Also, The Cavalry (you may see some of his comments on here time to time) is now my co-writer. He, in fact, co-wrote this page. So be sure welcome him aboard.

And lastly, I've got a bit of a surprise for everyone that should be coming up next week. So keep checking back. Thanks for reading everyone! And I'll see you all soon!!


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