As you can see, we've gone through a bit of a change around here. And this spiffy new design gives me more of a communication option so I can write these little blogs now.

And so, you can see why things were quiet around here for so long. This new site had been in the planning and developing stages for quite some time. And with all the effort that went into it, it left me with very little time to work on Remnant Sonata. I had to put it aside while all the work was being done. But, as my last update indicated, the comic is far from ended or dead, it's just been on a major delay ^^; I'm very happy with the way things have turned out, and I simply couldn't have done it without everyone's help. I can't quite settle down enough yet to start the comic immediately, but it will be soon. With this new site, we can stretch our legs a bit and relax for a short while.

One thing I've learned is...I'm never going to design a website again! XD I know why people get payed large sums of money to do it now. The design went through so many iterations and changes. I was almost certain Doo was going to set my tail on fire if I continued changing my mind. But, it was a good thing I did, because each new iteration was better than the one before it as I learned the elements of webdesign. It was a challenging experience and one I won't be looking to do again. PSv3 will NOT be designed by me :p

I'm really looking forward to turning my attentions back to Remnant Sonata, I've missed it. And judging by many of your comments, so have you. Happy Friday everyone!!